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First Taekwondo has long been recognised as an efficient and highly effective form of self-defence.

The techniques are simple and yet powerful.

The movements employed were scientifically developed and carefully systematised, so that the practitioners can progress with ease and confidence.

The training sessions are designed to be interesting, with careful planning progress schedules to bring the student gradually to full proficiency.Home

The Instructors are highly qualified and one can be well assured of competent and interesting instruction.

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With an ever-increasing crime rate in today’s society, women are prone to experience some form of assault. With the growing population and increasing unemployment problems, this, unfortunately is inevitable. It is only natural, therefore, for women to seek some form of protection, such as engaging in self-defence classes.

For a woman to take up self-defence may seem to some a little extreme or far-fetched, because of its reputation as an activity for the tough, rugged and strong male counterpart. But this is far from the truth of the matter, as practically anyone can become involved in effective self-defence training. Physical size and strength are definitely not required.

Being an art of self-defence, our movements are taught with proper techniques and skills to generate power. Sheer “brute strength” is not required and such a phrase does not exist in the art.

It is most advantageous for a woman to participate in First Taekwondo, because of the type of techniques introduced. These are direct, simple and effective. The uncomplicated movements ensure more speed, shorter time to reach the target and obviously more power.

Besides imparting an effective form of self-defence and greater confidence, the breathing and physical exercises of First Taekwondo produce tranquillity and peace of mind. They also relax the joints, tone the muscles, strengthen the internal organs and develop agility, strength and stamina.

Thus First Taekwondo is not only geared for men, but women too. And they should quite easily achieve the same proficiency when given the right opportunity. Over the years, more and more women are joining First Taekwondo classes, and the organisation has produced many women black belts. Women can enjoy the many benefits offered by First Taekwondo, being the most reputed in its field.

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