First Taekwondo Perth Western Australia Traditional Standards - Progressive Attitude - Comprehensive Philosophy



The first belt of the beginner is WHITE, which indicates clarity and purity. It symbolises innocence and an uninhibited mind. Thus assuming that the persons has no prior knowledge of the art and training.


 10th Grade   9th Grade 

This colour signifies the earth and the sun, where the seed is expected to take root. This indicates that the practitioners foundation is laid to develop the knowledge of the art. Nothing can be achieved without a strong and good foundation. 
 8th Grade   7th Grade 

This colour indicates life and growth. As new leaves start to develop so as the strength and knowledge of the practitioner's training gains momentum. The movements and techniques start to develop with purpose.
 6th Grade    5th Grade

This colour represents the plant's growth reaching towards the big blue sky. As the plant matures so do the skills and techniques of the practitioner. The plant becomes a tree - the training methods and the various movements become more meaningful and adaptable. 
 4th Grade    3rd Grade

Signifies the earth where the tree finally roots itself firmly and solidly. This is when the student's knowledge of the art consolidates and he starts to have full confidence in his achievement and acquirement.

 2nd Grade   1st Grade 

Black is the opposite to white; thus from a novice to an "expert" i.e. a good degree of proficiency of the art. It also indicates the endless universe where development of technique is limitless. This is the stage where the practitioner has the capacity and opportunity to explore the "timeless" endeavour one likes to reach.