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This is certainly true in the cases of the growing numbers of families who are taking up the Dynamic Art of First Taekwondo. One of the aims of First Taekwondo, is to training young people to have a healthy Mind, Spirit and Body. When families train together, the development of these correct attitudes in children are enhanced, as the parent is right there, training alongside the children and serving as a healthy example.

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An additional bonus for children training in First Taekwondo – and this is by no means uncommon – is considerable improvement in the standard of their School Work and in other Academic and Sporting Activities. The shared activities of the art, help develop closer ties between Parent and Child, and Brother and Sister, thus promoting peace and harmony within the family. Of course our First Taekwondo parents are encouraged to assist children with their home practice, thus sharing in the child’s progress. Children and parents have a great opportunity to spend more time with each other than otherwise may have been the case. A marvellous sense of accomplishment and fulfilment is developed as together; parents and children, brothers and sisters all proceed together towards their shared training goals.