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The benefits and advantages for young people participating in First Taekwondo classes are enormous. The art covers a great sphere of activities which promote a healthy lifestyle – these include confidence, coordination, self defence, fitness, sport, goals and aims, an interest and discipline. These benefits can only be realized in the light of proper and qualified instruction. The Instructor must possess the ability to understand the needs and problems of children in the course of training and once these are detected then corrective measures can be taken to ensure maximum benefit.

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Lack of confidence seems to be a major problem in many children. The opportunity to enable young people to mix and train together with older people can instantly bring some form of pride and achievement and a sense of maturity. With the presence of an Instructor the children are willing to perform and try without the distraction of teasing or pressure from peers.

CoordinationCoordination is an important factor in childhood development. Because of the simple, direct and scientifically developed effective movements in First Taekwondo, coordination is greatly enhanced and, strengthens efficiency. As in hand techniques, most movements are designed to coordinate both arms, which provides a foundation to using the basic methods of arm coordination. Coordination includes leg techniques which enable development of further balancing.

Self Defence

Learning some degree of self defence gives the child the confidence to defend himself and avoid injury. Once involved, children enjoy the challenge of progressing through the stages of the art and come to realize there is more than learning just how to defend themselves.


Fitness is an important part of a healthy life and it is now recognized that to neglect physical fitness in children is a major cause of obesity and ill health. First Taekwondo provides a great variety of movements and utilizes all parts of the body in action, therefore ensuring a high level of fitness. With the correct type of exercises children will have an opportunity to develop and be healthy and strong.

Sporting Abilities

By training in First Taekwondo children can greatly enhance their sporting abilities. Because of the nature of the techniques learnt in class, children greatly benefit in areas of speed, coordination, timing, accuracy, balance and reflex actions.

GoalsFirst Taekwondo Perth free sparring children

Progressing through the goals of grades and coloured belts as the child grows up, teaches them to set their sights on higher achievements, and the discipline they have learnt in First Taekwondo is transferred to all aspects of their daily lives.


Some children are uninterested in sport but are willing to take up self defence as an interest for physical conditioning. It provides an outlet for physical activity which cannot be provided through other means.


First Taekwondo provides a high standard of competent Instructors who demand respect and discipline from their students. Discipline is part of the code of practice for First Taekwondo students and is present in every aspect of the art. An atmosphere of friendly discipline is maintained helping the child to develop mental, physical and spiritual well being.

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